Steps to Disable Or Manage the Guest Access Feature

By | February 12, 2018

The majority of the Linksys router uses IP address Linksys. IP address usually identifies host & keep track of Location. With the help of IP address, you can perform many tasks In Routers. One vital task that you can execute via IP address is disabling the Guest Access feature. For this, you need to utilize web-based setup page of a Linksys wireless router or access. Let us elaborate Guest access feature first. By Guest access features you can generate a separate network for other users. It means those who are known to you, can make use of your internet.

This feature gets enable by Linksys Connect software. Other users who want to use router’s web-based setup page can also execute Guest Access feature. So, today we look into steps for Disable the guest access feature. Only updated product models of the Linksys Wi-Fi & Smart Wi-Fi Routers users can enjoy this feature. The reason for this is that these updated models contain in-built web-based setup page.  So, let’s get started now to disable guest access feature.

Footnotes for Disabling the Guest Access Feature

  •    First, open a web browser, for example, Safari or Internet Explorer. Now enter Router IP address Linksys into browser address bar.
  •    Next, Click on Wireless tab & then the Guest Access sub-tab. Linksys

  •    If you find this particular tab unavailable then, it means it is not open for your router model.
  •    You can also set up a wireless network for guest, via Linksys Connect software.
  •    To know instructions for setting up a wireless network for guests, contact router login support right away.
  •    Select No in the Allow Guest Access segment.
  •    Now, Click on Save Button to save all the settings.

In future, if you want to manage guest access feature again, you can do it by Linksys Connect software. We will also provide you important steps for that. So that you can enjoy official authority of Guest Access features.  With Guest Access Feature you can have additional internet connectivity for your guest. Here you don’t require sharing secrecy of your key wireless network.   You only need to follow the steps that, we are providing you now.

Tips to Manage Guest Access Feature

  •    Start with accessing Linksys cloud account.  You can contact router login support team to know more
  •    Now, click on Guest Access in Smart Wi-Fi Tools in the left navigation pane. Linksys

  •    If you still didn’t setup Guest Access then, toggle ON/OFF switch to enable or disable Guest Access feature.

To know further steps, call on the toll-free number to get connects with our experts. Our experts are providing support for such settings on daily basis. Or if you have any issue with router IP address, Linksys then also contact the same team. The team is available round the clock to serve you. You can also do live chat via Live chat window with our experts. Stop wasting your time by repeating the same mistake. Take experts advice to save your valuable time & money.

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