How to Save Backup and Restore Routerlogin Net Settings

By | May 1, 2018

When you reset your router, automatically the customized settings from your router get removed. As a response, you have to initialize the settings using the default details to get Routerlogin Net. It takes your time to again set the Netgear setting but using the backup and restore options from your router, you can take the backup of all setting including the configuration setting, WAN Setup, wireless settings, port forwarding, etc. but how this can possible. Let you know these are the simple settings that allow you to save the configuration settings on your device and when require you can restore it. So, clearly it saves your time, you only need to upload the backup setting. Learn here how you can run this process.

Following the initial Netgear Setup, you need to connect your router to the modem and your Device using either wireless or wired connection. You can also connect using the WPS method.

Go to the router connected device and browse  It will display the router login page. The Netgear Router username and password is the ‘admin’ in case sensitive for both columns (username & password).  Type the details and click on login.

The setup wizard will open the screen, where you usually manage your router setting.  All the settings are appearing in the left panel of your setup wizard.

Routerlogin Net

Before taking the backup, you should make all the required settings in your router like wireless and wired setting.

So, you have made the settings, now go to the Maintenance and click on the Backup Settings.  With the purpose to save the settings, you can click on ‘Save’.  It will save the current settings.

This process is done.  In future when you need to restore the settings, you can again visit the Backup Settings and click on ‘Browse’. You can locate the file and finally click on ‘Restore’. Automatically, all the settings will be restored within few seconds.

Here is also an option of ‘Erase’. On clicking the Erase, you can remove all the settings and if you again access the Routerlogin Net you have to use the default settings.

All this, you need to follow to take the backup and restore the settings.

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