How to Access Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Configuration

By | April 2, 2018

Maintenance of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router is based on its confirmed configuration. The full-featured fast router is designed with guest networks and parental control as well as gives qualitative services to its users. Moreover, when you are unable to handle its setup and minor issues, you are offered a wide knowledge of Linksys Setup.  Let’s start the configuration and access to Linksys Router Setup.

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi

  • Connect your Linksys Wi-Fi Router to your Computer and modem.
  • When all are connected well then turn on all the devices and wait until the router boots up.
  • Access your PC and visit your installed browser.
  • Type, this is a default IP address that you can access for any Router setup regardless the Linksys Wi-Fi router model.
  • You have reached to Linksys Router Login
  • You can skip the option of ‘Username’
  • Click on the password option. Linksys Password is by default ‘admin’ in lower case. You can change the password for your security reason.
  • Here is a checkbox, ‘Use Password Manager to remember this Password’. If you click on this check-box, on next time the password will remain logged on, you only need to follow the next options.
  • Click on ‘Ok’ option to go further.
  • Find ‘Network Address Server Settings’ before switching to ‘OpenDNS’.
  • Enable the ‘DHCP Server’.
  • Follow the below settings for ‘OpenDNS’:
    • Static DNS 1:
    • Static DNS 2:
    • Static DNS 3:
  • Static 3rd or fourth, you can use when you want to add one more.
  • Click on ‘Save Settings’.

One of the important settings that every user should change in Linksys Router Setup that is Wireless setup saves your Wi-Fi security from unauthorized users. For this, you need to click on Wireless > Security Mode > passphrase and then save settings.

Once you have saved the settings, you have access to make the changes and connect multiple devices to your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router.  Make sure you have deleted all cache and cookies from your DNS resolver and web browser.

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