Linksys Smart Wifi Not Working – How to Troubleshoot the Issue

By | April 30, 2018

There is no specific reason why Linksys Smart Wifi Not Working. It may the problem from your Internet Service Provider, your negligence to update your firmware, non-supportive browser and finally your little mistakes to manage with your Linksys Setup. As a result, one has to face the issues.

Linksys Smart Wifi Not Working

Linksys Smart Wifi Not Working – Solution

First of all the internet connection may slow down due to your over usage of data, your data has expired or your internet services are getting trouble from your internet service provider. So, you need to discuss with your ISP as well as you should remove the temporary files from your device connected to your Router. The problem to access linksyssmartwifi com may be the issue of your internet which you can resolve using a Linksys Extender.

On talking about the browser, you should keep your device cleared with cache and cookie data which also creates problems. If the problem is still existing then you can use any other browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.), there is no compulsion to use a particular web browser, you can use any browser that is already installed in your gadget.

When it comes to Linksys Router Setup with your device, make sure to follow its every step carefully. For example, once the Linksys Router, Computer and Modem are connected, you need to wait until its blinking LED becomes stable. It may create issues. So you need to proceed patiently as described in the instruction booklet.

In case the wireless setup is not working you can prefer the wired or manual setup to access

When you open your browser, you can access Linksys Router Login via IP address or linksyssmartwifi com.

Following each step when you reach to Linksys Smart Wifi login you have to confirm the correct Linksys Password that you saved last, if it is not working well or showing retry, don’t click on the retry option it may suspend your account for the specific time period such as minimum two hours. Make sure to remember the password. If it is not correct then there is only one solution to resolve Linksys Smart Wifi Not Working.  Give preference to reset your router to default factory setting.

  • In order to reset default factory setting, long press the reset button located on the back side of your router.
  • Go to restart your router within minimum 10 minutes and remember once you reset, all the previous settings will be removed.
  • Now you have to remove the connection between all the devices and then reconnect the devices again to access Linksys Smart Wifi Router admin page.

When you have logged into your Linksys Router make sure to first of all update the firmware. The new version of latest firmware brings updated features as well as save your Linksys account from errors like Linksys Smart Wifi Not Working, Internet connection is down, the router is not set up, Router Not Found, Error 2118, etc.

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