How To Resolve Linksys Smart Wifi Error Messages

By | April 11, 2018

Linksys Smart WiFi error messages can appear due to any manual or technical mistake. There is no a specific reason for displaying different error messages, it may occur due to improper setup, disable/enabling a significant option, internet connection, etc. To understand why the issue occurs and what the solution is, you must explore the proper information. Before going ahead, make sure you have deleted the whole unnecessary files from your device which affect the storage as well as delete the cache and cookie for troubleshooting the browser issues.

Linksys Smart Wifi Error Messages and Solution

“Internet Connection is Down”

  • Check the Ethernet cable should be properly connected and should not be loose.
  • Once connect your PC directly to your modem to check the internet connection.
  • Contact your Internet Service provider whether the problem occurs from ISP’s side.
  • Reset the Linksys Router Setup to get default factory settings.
  • Once reboot your PC.

“Router not Found”

router login

When your Linksys cloud account can’t find the router, prominently, you should check the physical connection between Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router and connected devices.  The Ethernet cable should be connected to the computer and it’s another end to be fixed in any LAN Port.

Second thing check the LED of your Linksys Router should not blink and remain stable. It refers that connection has been settled down properly. In case the LED is not lighting up or blinking then the appearance of an error is an obvious technical issue.

Finally, go for the ‘Ping the router’. It is the best technique to check the communication between the computer and the Router. As per this technique, the connected device sends a packet to the router and on receiving this packet, the Router also sends a reply to verify the connection.

“The Router is not Setup“

Where your screen displays the error ‘Router Not Found’, it also displays ‘Retry ‘option. Your continuous click on this ‘Retry’ option, finally converts to the error as ‘The Router is not set up’. This error also occurs in getting Linksys Router Login after resetting your router. In that case, there is a checkbox showing ‘I understand that my network is currently open and not secure. I would like to use Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account to configure my router’s security settings’ click on this checkbox and then click on ‘Continue’ option.

“Account Suspended”

After making so many failed attempts to get, the error ‘Account Suspended’ appears. The only solution to this error is, you have to wait at least for 2 hours or more. After waiting for specific time, you can reset your Router and then go with default factory settings.

“Unexpected Error 2123”

When this error appears, you need to reset your Linksys Router and then wait for sometime before accessing the Linksys Router Setup.  Make sure when you go to reset your router, you must remove the connectivity among all devices and then again go to Linksys setup with default login details.

“Error 2112”

It is a Linksys Cloud Accessing Error. To understand the reason of displaying this ‘Error 2112’, you are given an example that is when an invalid MAC address is put into MAC filtering settings depending on the respective router setup, for sure your router will get an error. When a user makes a change in the configuration not compatible with the device or firmware’s functionality then the error appears. To resolve this issue, get into the default factory settings by long pressing the reset button on your Router.

“Error 2118”

This error is related to your IPv6 settings.  In order to resolve this issue:

linksys smart wifi error

  • Go to ‘Linksys Cloud Account’
  • Go to ‘Router Settings’
  • Click on ‘Connectivity’
  • Click on ‘Internet Settings’
  • Disable the ‘IPv6’.

“Error 2178”

The error occurs when you connect to the same name and IP address containing devices to your Network. First of all, restart the all devices one by one. However, after performing ON and OFF to all devices, still, if you are getting the problem then:

  • Go to your ‘Linksys Cloud Account’
  • Click on ‘Network Map’
  • Rename the devices
  • Don’t give the similar name to two or more than one device.

The important thing, when the solution does not work to resolve the issue then first of all reset your Router, disconnect all devices and finally once again connect devices with Linksys Smart Wifi Router following the proper Linksys setup.  

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