Initial Linksys Router Setup for EA2750 N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

By | May 2, 2018

Do you buy a new Linksys EA2750 N600 Dual Band Wi-fi Router? Following instructions are applicable for everyone whether the user is replacing the new router or buying a new router to make Linksys Router Setup for very first time. So, the initial steps begin by connecting the antennas to the router and turn the antennas in the right position. Be aware that your internet should be working well.

Linksys Router Setup

Linksys Router Setup EA2750 N600 Dual-Band WI-Fi Router

  • Connect the router to your power source then let its LED light up and become stable.
  • On the other side, connect the router to the modem. There is an Ethernet cable which one end should be connected to the modem and another end to be connected to the yellow port of Router.
  • Also, power on your modem and wait until its indicating LED lights up.
  • In order to connect the secure wireless connection between Wi-Fi Router and your device, you need to go through the Quick Start Guide you got with your Linksys EA2750 N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router. There are Wi-Fi network name and password unique to every router.
  • Go to your device regardless it is computer, mobile, Tablet, laptop or another internet wifi compatible device.
  • When you explore the wifi connection manager of your device, initially, it will take time to scan the router’s Wifi name and within some seconds, it will show your router’s wifi. You need to confirm wifi security key to get connected.
  • Securely you are connected to Wifi network of your Router, it provides you security and work efficiency. You can change the Wifi Router network name and password when you need to change it.


  • First of all check, your internet connection should be working well. If it is getting any problem then cross-check the connection and also check the position of antennas if it is getting signals or not.
  • Go to the browser and browse the link
  • Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Sign In window will appear. If you have Smart Wifi account, type the Valid Email Id and password.
  • If it is not working take a step to Create a New Account. The Smart Wifi Account helps you to connect to your Router using wireless connection anywhere. Moreover, you even don’ need to install any CD or software to access linksyssmartwifi com.

Here you can manage with the whole Linksys Router Setup for EA2750 N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router.

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