Cannot Associate With Access Point’- Linksys Router Login Error

By | April 9, 2018

A number of people getting difficulties to access the Linksys Router Login due to distinct errors such as ‘Cannot associate with access point’.  Since every user is known to the features of the Linksys router but not everyone is known to the exact solution of this problem. At that point, looking for the help is an obvious act that‘s why you are here at

Solution to Linksys Router Login Error

This issue appears when your Linksys Router Software gets trouble. You may be thinking to install this but it is not the good way to handle the issue directly, here are described the way to get rid of this issue instant following these steps:

Linksys Router Login

Install Drivers on One PC: Instead of installing software, it’s better to save the driver in a folder on the desktop of your PC. You can also use the CD that you get with your Router to install the drivers on your PC. Install the driver manually or you can take the help of the hard disk that you get with your Linksys Router.

Install The Adapter Drivers On Another PC: Install the adapter drivers in your second computer that is receiving the signals from the Linksys Smart Wifi.  Insert the card and reboot your computer after installing the drivers. When window requires for hardware then go through the adapter driver installation process manually. Save the driver’s folder on the desktop, pointing to it, will install the software. Make sure to install the driver, not the software.

Now Go For The Linksys Smart Wifi Configuration

You have installed the router and adapter drivers on a computer. Go to the PC having Linksys Router Setup.

  • Now connect your PC to the Router in Blue port.
  • Connect your modem to the Router in respective port.
  • Power on the switches and turn on the computer, router and modem.
  • Get access your PC’s browser and type
  • Confirm the Linksys password is necessary while you can leave the username option blank. Default Linksys Router Login password is ‘admin’ in the lower case until you change it.

Linksys Router Configuration page will get open now, follow the below steps:

  • Click on ‘Setup’
  • Set to ‘Automatic Configuration -DHCP’
  • Click on the ‘Radio’ button
  • Enable the ‘DHCP Server’ and add a maximum number of DHCP users to accommodate your internet access.
  • Click on the Wireless Tab or Wireless Settings
  • Set the Wireless Network Mode to ‘Mixed’
  • Give the Wireless Name that you can remember
  • Enable the Wireless SSID broadcast.
  • The passphrase is your Linksys Router Login password, you can change it accordingly.
  • Select the WEP mode recognizing WEP at 128 bits.

When you create a passphrase (Linksys Password) click on the ‘Generate’, the password will be generated in 4 keys. You must remember the WEP Key 1 which we use later.

  • Click on the Wireless Tab > Enable the ‘Wireless MAC Filter’
  • Under the ‘Permit only’ click on the choose PCs listed to give access via the wireless network.

Now go to the second PC installed the Adapter drivers:

  • Click on ‘Start’ > ‘Run’ > Type CMD > press ‘Enter’
  • DOS prompt will display > Type ‘ipconfig/all’ > find the MAC address (Physical Address). It may be like 01-A2-B3-E4-23-B5 (an example)
  • Go back to Linksys Router connected PC displaying router configuration Screen, Click on the wireless MAC Filter > Edit MAC Filter List > Type the MAC Address (Physical Address) that you took from another PC. Make sure you have written the exact MAC address. Click ‘Save Settings’
  • Click on the ‘Access Restrictions’ > Internet Access > Status > Enable and type Policy Name (it is a simple user profile you can type MySecondPC, etc.
  • Click on ‘Allow’ > Save Settings
  • In order to check your profile username click on the policy name in the dropdown list and check your name there. Your Second PC has got the access to your Linksys Router.

During the Linksys Setup after selecting the WEP Key, you generated a WEP key when confirming the password that is required there. The WEP is auto-generated key, router software generated to put in that password. Double click on the Network Connection icon showing at the lower right-hand corner of your screen. In case you are unable to find your network connection name, go to your PC’s Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network. Most probably you have found your network name.

The next option will be asking for WEP Key 1. When you confirm the WEP Key, it may ask you twice and you will have to follow the same.

You are connecting your adapter.

The most common Linksys Router Login, ‘Cannot associate with access point’ make you annoying until you resolve this. Here is the best solution, you can follow stepwise.

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