Create Your Own Connected Home Via iPad, iPhone & iPod touch

By | February 12, 2018

Nowadays it is a normal thing to have a number of the device in a single home. Every device that is Internet enables & requires an internet connection to get connected with other devices. So, to have a connection between devices you require connecting with local area network (LAN) setup in your home. LAN is an only way to get a computer network in a small area with the help of Router.

The connection between devices gets establish via Ethernet cable or wirelessly. Once these devices get connection they become capable of sharing a different type of data & information for example. The Resources are Printer, information data, Media Files, Internet connection & access storage. So, for today we will configure Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router via iPad, iPhone & iPod touch through Linksys. Before you start the setup, let’s take a look at the importance of connected home.

What Benefit do you get by a Connected Home?
You can check any activity taking place on your network by a router.
Fast & easy access to other devices by sharing data within a network.
Manage your devices from anywhere that is connected to your network.
Devices that require internet connection get when they need it.
Now check what going on in your home via a camera connected to the network.
Receive alert message from your fridge whenever you need to visit the grocery.
Give instruction to your home appliances to get the start just before you reach home.
Now, you must be thinking how you can create your own connected home? First, you need to setup a Local Area Network. Make use of Linksys wireless router as a first step in connecting your home to other devices. Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers are the best option for quick & fast setup of the home network.

Let’s Get Started Setting Up Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router iPad, iPhone & iPod touch through Linksys
Are you Pad, iPhone & iPod touch user? If your answer is yes then, you can easily setup Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router with your Phone. You need no Setup CD for setting up Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router. You will require latest firmware version to perform the process. So, if your router has outdated Firmware version update it with the help of our experts.

Steps for Setting up Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Take your modem & connect it to the router with the help of Internet port.
Open your devices by a tap on it.
Tap On Wi-Fi.
Attach your device to default wireless network name (SSID) of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router.
You can verify default SSID and password either on the bottom of the router or at Quick Start Guide.
Type wireless password & click on Tap button.
Now, install Linksys app from iTunes or Apple App Store.
Once you install Linksys App Open the app.
For further steps, we advise you to take assistance from our experts. You can contact team round the clock via the toll-free number. Our team has possible solutions for your router related queries. In a case of doubt, do not hesitate. Feel free to call our team. You can also opt for Live Chat with the team. Drop your comments in the comment box to get quality service in future.

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